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There are currently no meetings scheduled. Please check back soon for the next meeting.

About ATP

History and Founders of the ATP

Early in the spring of 1986, Larry Learn of OCLC and Carol York of GTE Midwestern Telephone Operations casually began inquiring if there was sufficient interest in the Central Ohio area to form a telecommunications (including voice, data and video) users' organization similar to those existing in some other major metropolitan areas. There was a favorable reaction, so Larry Learn then sent the following persons a written invitation to attend a preliminary meeting on June 4, 1986 at OCLC for the purpose of exploring the feasibility of actually establishing such an organization:

Carol York-GTE Network Consulting Service
Mike Smith-Borden
Dino Pizzutti-The Ohio State University
Greg Freitag-The Limited
Bill Duval-CompuServe
Susie Mercer-Wendy's International
Paul Scheiderer-White Castle
Colleen Spires-Huntington National Bank
Tom Helber-Huntington National Bank
David Trego-American Electric Power

The rest is history. The response was quite enthusiastic and more information was then gathered in July, 1986 in order to begin planning and organizing the Association of Telecommunications Professionals. The first bimonthly meeting was held in April, 1987.

Later approved by the Ohio Secretary of State on November 9, 1988, its name was officially changed to The Association of Telecommunications Professionals, Incorporated.

ATP Founding Officers and Directors

The following persons were the first ATP officers and directors:

David Moore, President-Chemical Abstracts
David Trego, Vice President-American Electric Power
Larry Learn, Secretary-OCLC
Vickie Rutkowski, Treasurer-CompuServe
Douglas Ballou, Director-Anchor Hocking
Robert Eyen, Director-Motorists Insurance Companies
Timothy Hopkins, Director-Ross Labs
Timothy Stiener, Director-State of Ohio

ATP Presidents

1987-1988:David Moore, Chemical Abstracts
1988-1989:David Trego, American Electric Power
1989-1990:Larry Learn, OCLC
1990-1991:John Smith, Battelle Memorial Institute
1991-1992:Vickie Rutkowski, CompuServe
1992-1993:Bob Eyen, Motoroists Insurance Companies
1993-1994:Larry Learn, OCLC
1994-1995:Jim Elledge, Battelle
1995-1996:Bob Eyen, Motorists Insurance Companies
1996-1997:Jim Elledge, Shafer Consulting Group
1997-1998:Dr. Phyllis Bernt, Ohio University
1998-1999:Steve Giles, Norwest Financial
1999-2000:Dan Umberger, reSource Partners
2000-2001:Kathryn Holm, FirstLink
2001-2002:Glenn Ruff, McGraw-Hill
2002-2003:Mike Patterson, American Electric Power
2003-2004:Phil Campbell, Ohio University
2004-2005:George Bjelovuk, American Electric Power
2005-2006:Bryan Barlitt, Grace Brethren Church
2006-2007:Wendell Mumaw, OCLC, Inc.
2007-2008:John Hoag, Ohio University
2008-2009:Gina George, Sound Communications
2009-2010:Davida Frick, The Paragon Group
2010-2011:Laura Engle, Fibertech Solutions
2011-2012:Andy Bussard, Chasetek
2012-2013:Nancy Tiemeier, Great Northern Consulting
2013-2014:Laura Engle, Windstream
2014-2015:Curtis Davis, ICS Communication
2015-2016:Nancy Tiemeier, Cologix, Inc.
2016-2017:Matt Hartman, Graybar




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