Please note the change from the customary meeting place at OCLC. In the past the ATP has usually met in the Corporate Headquarters Building (Kilgour Bld.). The Smith Bld. is on the same campus, but on the East side of the drive as you enter from Kilgour PKWY (aka, Frantz Rd.). You will be able to preregister for the meeting as soon as the website ( has been updated to reflect this just announced event.




     Learn about the Pro's and Con's of SaaS (Software as a Service) at the February ATP meeting on February 11th from Jack Sands, CEO, of Vforce.  Vforce is the company that has been newly acquired by AAA Ohio and is the software brains behind how AAA Ohio and many other AAA companies support their clients during the renewal process.  Jack will discuss how SaaS made it possible for Vforce to be able to integrate a CRM tool like with their call center agents to support AAA, as well as how they integrate all of the call center tools like call recording, over flow calling, and the actual telephone call transfers.  In addition, Jack will discuss SaaS and working together with needed  3rd parties and integration of AAA's data from the server to keep their CRM up to date with real time data.  Jack will also discuss one of the newest items on the market, TripTrak.  TripTrak is a Personal  GPS locator with PMT (Peace of Mind Technology) that works with both GPS and cellular technologies to provide real time assistance.


     In addition to Jack’s SaaS presentation, we will have a "roundtable" or open discussion among attendees on how to improve efficiencies in 2009 and beyond in a variety of pressing issues.  ATP wants to have members discuss what has worked for them, ask questions/advice of those who have "been there, done that" and discuss potential consequences of how to become more efficient and what happen on the path to achieving efficiency.  Discussions will include SaaS, outsourcing, downsizing, using open source applications, tech refreshes etc.  This will be a perfect meeting for all of us to share our experiences, learn from each other, and have many great peer to peer conversations about what we all deal with on a day to day basis.


     The February meeting will be at OCLC in the Smith Board Room and the Smith Dining Room.