ATP Information Alert

ATP Information Alert

The Association supports a Member notification system (ATPINFO) whereby Member Representatives who subscribe to this service are notified via e-mail of matters of timely importance to some or all of the Member Organizations. Notifications might include notification related to significant current legal and/or regulatory developments, notification related to important current Industry developments, ATP Meeting announcements, notification related to the availability of the ATP NEWSLETTER or other worthwhile documents when they are made available on the ATP Website, and notifications related to other matters deemed to be of timely importance to the Membership by the ATPLeadership or the List Administrator.

The Service also includes ATP NewsLines, a daily compilation of news worthy items abstracted from the current business press, government sources, industry press, and other credible sources. This Service provides ATP Member Representatives with a timely and convenient mechanism to stay current with the latest information relating to the Telecommunications Sector. ATP NewsLines is a Supplementary Service of ATPINFO. Member Representatives must request to be included on the subscription list to ATP NewsLines. The ATP NewsLines is available only to Members in good standing of the Association.

The service is supported using ListServ technology in such a manner that only the e-mail address of the subscriber is visible to the recipient in order to preserve the privacy of ATPINFO subscribers. It is also a Moderated and Restricted List which restricts List Postings to those posted by the List Administrator. Members who might wish to have information posted on the ListServ may do so by sending the information to the List Administrator ( This procedure assures that subscribers receive only authorized postings.

Representatives of ATP Member organizations may request a free subscription to ATPINFO by sending an e-mail message requesting your name be added to the ATPINFO to the List Administrator ( Please provide (1) the identity of your ATP Member Organization; (2) your current e-mail address; (3) your Last Name; (4) your First Name; and (5) text indicating that you wish to subscribe to ATPINFO and whether you also wish to subscribe to the ATP NewsLines Supplement.

Future administrative matters (e-mail address changes, name changes, etc.), requests to be removed from the List, help with questions or problems, etc., can be accomplished by sending a specific e-mail message clearly stating your issue or problem to the List Administrator ( Mail returned to the List (i.e., undeliverable e-mail) for a period of two (2) weeks or more will result in the cancellation of the subscription. Members can request a new subscription after they have corrected the problem.